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The table SYS_INDEXES is empty by default, how can this be used by projects?

This overflow post mentions an addition of "Tools item" to DbEditor, but this is not there anymore. At least I don't see it

We have some other DB utilities, what can we do with these utilities and services? They don't start or don't have an interactive GUI:
DBMaintenance.exe and DbCommandTools.exe

Thank you

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I can try to answer the other questions.

SYS__INDEXES is empty and actually not used at all in the database. We should probably remove it from the database. In the database structure XML files there is a SYS_INDEXES collection that contains the list of the default database table indexes, and the database table was supposed to mirror this, but in the end this was not implemented.

The Tool menu has disappeared from the DbEditor in Efficy 11, the menu no longer fits in the visual design of the form. I'll make a change so that you can still enable it by pressing a key combination (e.g. Ctrl-M).

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Why not using the "alt" key to show the menu like in Microsoft applications?
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Hello Kristof,

I can answer to a part of your questions.

The DbCommandTools.Exe allow you to create/upgrade / copy/Child a database from command line (cmd).
If you start it from the command line with the argument /help, you would have the documentation. (quiet usefull for the Cloud team).

The DBMaintenance.exe is a process. You can configure it from the process manager. It do the Maintenance of the DB. merge Delete old notification, push notification to mobile device, ...


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Thanks Alexis for explaining the services part
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