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Hi all,

For a guest page on Efficy 11.2 I have added labels to guest_labels.txt in the directory customs\{{customer}}\guest\{{customer}}\. The other files (subdirectories), that get loaded and work are in the the same directory.

In earlier versions the labels get loaded by action=readregistry. How do I load them in 11.2?
- With I receive No guest applications are allowed on this host.
- With{{customer}}&action=readregistry
I receive This guest application is not allowed for the specified customer profile.
- With{{customer}}&action=readregistry&app={{customer}} the page loads normally, not the normal registry read message.

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Hello Rob,

You should have defined a Guest Application with a name in the Alias Manager.
You can then use this name in the following URL:

There is no need to put the "customer" parameter in the URL, the guest name sent in the "app" parameter is sufficient.

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Dear Robert,
I tried the readregistry in my local in order to update guest label with same url options you gave us, but the labels are not updated. Did I missing something ?
Question 2 is it better to use /crm or /public for a Guest Page ?

here is the URL I used : http://std112.efficylocal.com:17611/crm/guest?app=sample&action=readregistry
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