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Hi all,

for a customer I created a new entity (Brands), this basically works fine.

But now when creating a query on this new entity I did not have hyperlinks to display the related record (even I have selected the key in the query).

Did I missed something when creating the new Entity?

Qery result

Any hint would be appreciated very much.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Hi Stephan

You have to customize and extend the following two standard files in your custom folder

  1. pages/grid/QueryResultValidate.htm
  2. pages/grid/QueryResult.htm

Then add a new field definition like this, assuming that the meta data is K_BRANCH and Bran for your entity:

<#FDEF=K_BRANCH=REMOVE=T;FIELDASSOCIATE=NAME><td><a href="javascript:Consult('Bran',<#F=K_BRANCH;context=JS>)" title="<#F=FIELDNAME;context=ATTR>"><#F=FIELDNAME;context=TEXT></a></td></#FDEF>
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Thank you Kristof, works fine now
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