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I'm a new one in Efficy customization (and use) and I have to do a custom Extranet for a client.
In this custom, I have to set up an item Document : succeed.
But I want that the grid which displays the Document's list has the exact same behavior that the Document's list in the CRM.
Which means when I click on the attachment icon, it should display the dropdown with the attachment file inside it and I should be able to click on the file's name to download it (or open it in the browser).

dropdown attachment

I don't understand why my custom doesn't work on this point.

My code in GridColumnsCustom.txt looks like this :

 * Documents

th.ATTACHMENTS.Docu {[<th class="icon-cell"><#H=$FIELD$;sort=true;icon=i-attach></th>]}
td.ATTACHMENTS.Docu {[<td class="icon-cell i-attach pointer" data-dropdown="dd-files" data-options="align:left"

I am pretty sure I am missing something, probably a JS part somewhere but after few hours spending on debugging and research, I still can't find what.

Thank you for your help !

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I thing you forgot (or don't know) the ultimate rule of the Extranet. if the extranet user (contact) is not linked to the document, you won't be able to show informations the way are trying to do.

Also, did you add the page "Files.html" in pages/dropdown/ ? Exactly like in the CRM side ?

What append when you click on the attachement icon ? If "nothing", what can you see in the network activities of you browser (developer console) ? I am pretty sure you'll find a request to the server, with an error.



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No request at all
Hello Loïc,

Thanks for your answer.
I have the page "Files.htm" in pages/dropdown/ of "extranet" folder but not in my custom. By the way I don't have any htm files in my custom, no need.
I assume that if the issue is linked to rights access, I should have the error page saying that I have no right to see the element or something like this ?

When I click on the attachment picture, nothing happens ; there is no request in the network tab of Chrome developer console.
It is strange. You should have Indeed an error, or at least a request in the console network.

If you have access to the SVN, one of my developer did this custom. Meaby you can have a look ?

Check the repo "cettel"
I don't have access on SVN unfortunately.
I will continue to keep looking by my side...
Thanks a lot for your help !
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