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I was wondering if it is possible to prevent a user to access another module while there are unsaved lines in the timesheet?

I know there is a check for this before importing actions, but leaving the page results in data loss. I have tried with the beforeunload event but it doesn't cover everything.

Has this been done? Is it possible?

Client is currently using version 10.2 but will upgrade to 11.2 soon.

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The function beforeunload in the only event that a browser exposes to allow you to check the page and to inform a user about pending changes.

FYI: In 11.3 (released for public, before summer 2019) will come with a completely renewed Timesheet module, as a part of the new Project Workload module developments. The module has inline edit and does an auto commit/delete as soon as you leave a single cell.

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Thank you for the information.
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