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Is there a way to use the Report module to produce a docx document (based on a template) in order to generate a report showing all actions (visits) of the previous week ?

I think this is achievable using the campaign functions but it can be "complicated" for users to go through the different step.
The report module seems to be able to do the job using Crystal Reports..but we haven't gone for this reporting solution - we went for Qlik...

One of the solution purchased by Efficy (Vente Partner) was doing this job very easily.
Clicking on a customized button, a csv file was exported to the local PC and then a .dot word document was automaticaly opened. A vba code was automatically launching a merging using the csv data...et voilà, report of the done week for the sales manager !

Any simple way to do something similar with Efficy ?

Patrice - MX France

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Hi Patrice

What about a simple query that lists all visits from a certain period? You can also select the fields you want, the sorting order. You can even export the result to Excel if you would like additional capabilities. This is the simplest way to achieve your goal in Efficy and doesn't require development.

Qlik is made for charts and diving into data, seeing relations etc. Not for simple listings like these.

Controlling a document merge with .dot and csv files with VBA code just for the sake of generating a report seems rather complex and insecure, especially in the context of a web application and cloud based software. Office will do everything to block code executions.

So, start with a query :-)

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