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I've installed Efficy 11.2
I receive this error when i try to use efficy url (efficy, conficy, console, ...)

HTTP Error 500.50 - URL Rewrite Module Error. The server variable
"X_EFFICY_APP" is not allowed to be set. Add the server variable name
to the allowed server variable list.

I didn't fint where is the problem ?

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First problem was the XEFFICYAPP variable
secon was the enable 32 bit set to true in iis

thx guys

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Double check that you have the X_EFFICY_APP server variable listed. This is indeed stored in the web.config file.

Double check that you are browsing to the correct IIS website :-)

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i've added it  (it was not listed in IIS)

now have the 500.0 error

First problem was the X_EFFICY_APP variable
secon was the enable 32 bit set to true in iis
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Hey Vincent,

Are you using an up to date version of web.config?

After installing Efficy 11.2, you have to update your web.config ( or rename web.sample.config to web.config if you have no custom settings)



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i have rename web.sample.config in web.config   (the one in *C:\inetpub\wwwroot\11.2*)

and when i go in IIS on my Efficy 11.2 website in the url rewrite option, i can see all rules, so i suppose the web.config is correctly readed, i've try to put everyone full control on it, but no change.
is that normal that i have no Appbase, Filebase in base.js ?
Yes, those globals are deprecated. You can still add them in custom, for backwards compatibility.

// Variable is still used on some location
var AppBase = window.location.href.substr(0, window.location.href.indexOf("crm/") + 4);
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In IIS, on your site, URL rewrite, View server variables, Add => X_EFFICY_APP

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not then same error after that

HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error
The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.
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