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I'm looking for an example how to export Efficy content to CSV File using Datasynchro
In Efficy Help I found only an example to export to Excel file


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You can build a CSV file in memory in using a DataSynchro script. This is explained on this Project guide, see topic 9.1.

Here is also a minimalistic version of the export script you can add to export from a query the K_CONTACT and NAME of a contact.

var ExportList,
Folder = "C:\\temp\\";

function EfficyExportRecord(SourceDataSet, DestDataStore) {
  ExportList.Add(SourceDataSet("K_CONTACT") + "\t" + SourceDataSet("NAME")); 
  return false;

function EfficyStartJob(SourceRecordCount) {
  Efficy.log("Job has started, count: " + SourceRecordCount);
  ExportList = TStringList.Create;
function EfficyEndJob(SourceRecordCount) {
  Efficy.log("Job has finished");
  var file = Folder + 'MyExport.csv';
  Efficy.log("Saved to file " + file);
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that seems very interesting. I will do some test next week and I will give you a feedback of my results.

Thanks for your help
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