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It's taken nearly 4 months to get approved by Google, but at last the Efficy Gmail add-on is available in the Gmail store!

You can open Gmail on the desktop or on your smartphone and go to the configuration menu to add the add-on (search for "efficy" to find it in the Gmail add-on store).

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Efficy for Gmail lets you interact with Efficy CRM without leaving Gmail.
While consulting a Gmail message, you can:

  • Show Efficy contacts information based on the Gmail message recipients;
  • Save a Gmail message into Efficy (recipients already present in your Efficy CRM will be automatically linked to it);
  • Search existing Efficy entities (Companies, Opportunities and Incidents) and link them to the message;
  • Save recipients as a new Efficy contact;
  • Convert a Gmail message into other Efficy entities (e.g. Documents, Sales Opportunities and Incidents).

While composing a Gmail message, you can:

  • Search Efficy entities and insert their Efficy hyperlink in your draft;
  • Share Efficy Files directly from Gmail. You can either create a sharing link to an Efficy Document or to a specific file of your desired Document.

As noted above, the add-on will also work on your smartphone's Gmail.

We hope you'll enjoy this application!


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