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Has anyone already created a form in a Modal window for editing the relation (for ex. Prod & Oppo)?
If so could you explain how you did this ?

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Hi Stijn,

  1. Create the form in Designer for the relation table (cf standard form: Standard: Edit Relation Opportunity-Company for instance)

  2. Override the macro RelationSectionsForm in MacroRelation.txt don't forget to specify the entity and the detail for instance : RelationSectionsForm.Comp.Oppo and RelationSectionsForm.Oppo.Comp. In this macro you should write the ID of the form you have created

PS: if you need to apply some calculation rules, you will have to create the Javascript client side into MacroEditSCustom.txt in macro JsScriptsRelationTRW. There is an example in standard for Prod.Oppo : search for JsScriptsRelationTRW.Prod.Oppo, if you need the same calculation rules the other way around use the same macro but name it : JsScriptsRelationTRW.Oppo.Prod


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yes, but how do we put this in a Modal window like for example the TimeEdit.htm is edited in a modal window. That's my question
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