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A typical design for a synchronous integration between Efficy and other applications, is using the openUrlSecure method from ServerJS fired by the BeforeCommitXxxx event.

Since each user session has it's own scripting environment, there is out of the box parallelism towards the target API for maximum performance. On sync error, the commit can still be reverted in Efficy to keep the systems in mirror.

What we miss is a way to control the waiting timeout of these operations? Is there a configurable property to set it? If not, could it be added into the next build?

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Currently we disable the time-out for OpenUrl and OpenURLSecure calls.
We could add an additional parameter to the OpenURL calls to specify the timeout, probably defaulting to 0 ("infinite"), if this helps you.

For your info, we'll soon have "Webhooks" (in Efficy 11.3) that can be configured in the Designer and that will serve the same purpose: make real-time call-backs to external web services when changes are written in the database.
The callback is done in the COM+ server, and call-backs can be sent immediately or in a delayed and grouped fashion. Note that this will not allow you to abort modifications; the callback is done after writing the changes to the database.

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Yes please include the timeout property to at least openUrlSecure, defaulted to infinite! Suggestion case CFT-2019-98561 is created

Good to see the features for integration are expanding! Is the Webhook going to be used by the Mobile app maybe?
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