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A cloud customer (VCK) has just upgraded to efficy 11.2 build 16718 but there is a problem when the client tries to create a new contact (see screenshot below).

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This only happens when creating a new contact and only for the contact module.

Another issue happens when trying to create a new appointment (not task, so only when using the agenda). See screen below.

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There is very little custom and the problem persists without custom.
My guess is there is a problem with the database structure but i can't seem to find the causes. I have upgraded the DB with the designer but no luck.

Any advice would be welcome.


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Hello, I have the exact same issue you described as your first problem: when opening a new context, in serverscript, it's giving me the error: Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Integer). This must be something in the database, but i can't find it (i disabled the custom code). Keygen is also incremented. In the SYS tables i can't find anything unusual. For me it's only the entity Opportunity. It happens the latest build of 11.2. I was wondering if you already found a solution for this? Maybe R&D can help us with pinpointing where to check or what the error means.
Hello Michael,

I have indeed found the cause for this problem. It was quite stupid actually.

In my case, the country field had a default value set that was a string (probably set in an earlier version of efficy). The definition of the field however is of course an integer. This caused the problem.

Hope it helps.
Great that was indeed the exact problem, thanks!
Kr, Michael

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Don't know for the first issue, but the second issue about the ActiRelation is that the DbUpgrade never touched system dictionary that is marked as custom=1. Since Efficy 11, the Edit Action context is extended with Acti Relations, so tasks can be inserted from an appointment.

TO be very specific, add the following in SYS_ENTITYVIEWS.TABLEVIEWS where NAME='ActiEdit'.

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Thank you, it works. I'll keep looking for a solution for the first issue.
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