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Efficy 11.2 r17243 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

New features:

  • CTI: Trigger phone actions when dialing from Efficy.
  • DataSync: Publish property efficy.logThreadIndex for import/export scripts.
  • Documents: New dialog with more relevant information when conflicting file changes occur.
  • Edit: Make edit lock handling more robust by using Ajax calls instead of iframe; recover edit lock after loss of network.
  • ServerJS: New efficy.zipFiles function to generate zip archives from a selected list of documents.
  • ServerJS: New optional parameter "forceuserrole" in "impersonateuser" RPC command.
  • ServerJS: All functions that return a date value (TDateTime) now return a numerical value, not a JS date.
  • Sidebar: (Windows and macOS) Allow SAML authentication by persisting additional authentication cookie.

The build improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in build r16578 including the following:

  • AliasManager: Fix access violation after adding an alias (CFT-2019-96740).
  • API: Fix API IP whitelist check method (CFT-2019-97196).
  • DataSynchro: Fix using remote filebase and custombase in import scripts executed before datasync loop (CFT-2019-98454).
  • Documents: Correction for opening linked files (hasn't worked since Efficy 11.0) (CFT-2019-97939).
  • Edit: Don't write change history log (SYSCHANGED) for P fields, e.g. POPENED, PD_USED.
  • Edit: Show warning about read-only and lock in the page, not as pop-up alert (CFT-2019-97156).
  • Edit: Fix timestamp format in CKEditor (CFT-2019-96914).
  • Edit: Fix encoding issue in TTagGetMultiValueList (CFT-2019-96917).
  • Edit: Perform beforeCommit and afterCommit calls even when posting data via Ajax (CFT-2019-97787).
  • Efficy: Correct default names of SYS_SETTINGS values (remove trailing spaces).
  • Efficy: Corrects registration of COM+ EfficyServer.dll in Setup Efficy 11.2.16578. (published previously as r16718).
  • Efficy: Fix dropdown elements hiding behind the toolbar (CFT-2019-97968).
  • Entity Picker - User recents: prevent items without key to be shown (CFT-2019-97240).
  • Flexmail: Prevent deleting contact having the same email address in different email fields) (CFT-2019-97325).
  • Flexmail: Filter unsupported XML characters in synchro requests (CFT-2019-98445).
  • Replication: Add missing D_CHANGE field to various recent tables (CFT-2019-97851).
  • Search: Avoid encoding the name twice when creating a new contact from Search (CFT-2019-98208).
  • Sidebar: Fix efficy: protocol not working after Windows Update for IE. (published previously as r16945).
  • Sidebar: Remove read-only attribute from files before putting them in the Recycle Bin.

We recommend that you install this build on all Efficy 11.2 installations.


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