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I got to use the openUrlSecure in a serverjs DataSynchro Remote script,
but the function is not supported in this case,
is there any way to use it or any other function to replace it please?


Env : 11.2 | DatasynchroRemote

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None of the openUrl methods are available in the Efficy Remote API.

These methods are typically used for API communiction from Efficy to another system, for instance when a record is updated. Can't you invoke the openUrl method from DB workflow?

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I need to use the openUrl to communicate with googleApi to get latitude and longitude of a new company threw it's Name, street, postcode and country. so i'm not sure that i can invoke it from DB workflow.
So, you are inserting new companies using a DataSynchroRemote processing a CSV file. In the BeforeCommitComp, you could invoke an openUrlSecure request (server side) to Google.

Even if I strongly doubt the usefulness of this development, it is technically possible.
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