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A client using Build 11.0.12921 and using a Mac environment is experiencing troubles when saving an email to efficy.

The sidebar works and the plugin is availbale, however when the user tries to save a mail nothing happens.
But when a user is in the administrator group, the functionality works fine.

I haven't found anything in the custom that would explain this.

Below the settings for the admin group and one of a group which doesn't work.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Any suggestions on where to look are appreciated.

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In the designer, can you check the right of the group on the tables ("Rechten op de tabellen" in your screenshot)?
The sidebar requires to have access to the Mail entity (at least Show, Add and Modify).

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Indeed, the rights weren't set for these groups.

I apologise for not seeing it sooner, but i was working with the designer in dutch and it's translated to "Berichten". So i didn't make the connection to mails.

I adjusted the rights and will verify it works. (but i have a strong feeling it will)

Thanks a lot!
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Hello Ken,

Do you have any error message ?

On Windows env, the sidebar write some logs. Is it the same on mac ? if yes, did you check it ?


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Right after trying to save the email, you can go to the Advanced tab, click the "sidebar folder" button.
You can check in the file soapresponse.xml the error received from Efficy.
There are also .log files in the same folder but they are not as complete as in the windows sidebar.
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