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In a recent Windows Update (KB4489899) Microsoft has modified the way in which protocol commands are being sent by Internet Explorer.

This change has a direct impact on the communication between Internet Explorer and the Efficy Sidebar. The effect is that the commands are no longer correcty recognized by the SidebarShell application.

We have released new Sidebar setups for the most recent Efficy versions (11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10 SP2+, 10 SP1) that contain an updated SidebarShell executable which corrects this issue.
The following setups are available on the Partner FTP:

  • Efficy 11.2: Setup Efficy SideBar and Add-ins 11.2.16945.msi
  • Efficy 11.1: Setup Efficy SideBar and Add-ins 11.1.16948.msi
  • Efficy 11.0: Setup Efficy SideBar and Add-ins 11.0.16949.msi
  • Efficy 10 SP2+: Setup Efficy SideBar and Add-ins 10.1.16951.msi
  • Efficy 10 SP1: Setup Efficy SideBar and Add-ins 10.0.16950.msi

If your customers use Internet Explorer for Efficy we recommend that you deploy this new Sidebar setup as soon as possible.

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March 25: We've discovered an issue with non-IE browsers that affected our initial patches (11.2.16858, 11.1.16857, 11.0.16860, 10.1.16861 and 10.0.16866) and have remplaced them with the versions 11.2.16945, 11.1.16948, 11.0.16949, 10.1.16951 and 10.0.16950).
We've also profited of the change to include the Setups "with Sync".
May 23: We've released a similar package for Efficy 2014, see the announcement https://overflow.efficy.com/?qa=4329/announcement-sidebar-package-recent-changes-internet-explorer .

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I'm looking forward to the day we will finally stop supporting IE.
Then our next IE will be safari on IOS :-)

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Don't forget that we have at least one strategic customer who uses IE & IE only.
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