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I set a script that create users automatically. Since we can't do it with Efficy API I just used SQL.

I insert data in acc_accounts, acc_auth (specially since I only set a LDAP Authentification)

I insert the acc_groups including the self user group (same kuser1 and kuser2 than the user)

but somehow it s still not working if i don't manually go on the designer acc_accounts screen to directly click on "apply"

what does that event do that i didn't reproduce?
best regards.

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This could be a possible explanation, assuming that you did every mentioned step without functional errors.

If you go through the Designer, Efficy will invalidate the database connection when a relevant database change is made. However, if you do this directly with SQL, Efficy doesn't know that user information is updated and will continue to use cached data. What happens if you remove the DB connections?

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Efficy.execSql(sql, queryParams, invalidateConnection)
Did you try to set the invalidateConnection argument to true?

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