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For a customer we want to activate the Efficy Drive within a Citrix environment.
This might sound strange, but the customer needs uploading large amounts of documents (stored in Efficy) to several government sites, We want to use Efficy Drive for this purpose.

However, we cannot manage to get the Efficy Drive to appear in the Efficy sidebar environment. Is there something special we have to do during installation, or must we change some registry keys .... ?

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If it's the same version of the Sidebar executable, the origin of the issues is to be searched in the configuration.

If it works locally, but not with a Citrix sessions, please compare the HCU reg keys. Verify if the EfficyDrive is enabled and that a drive folder is set?

"EfficyDriveLocalFolder"="C:\\Users\\{your.name}\\Efficy Drive"

I had to set these keys on 11.2 to make it work. However, I was also unable to show the Drive configuration page in Sidebar as described on help.

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Ah, this makes sense! Thanks.
I will ask the citrix administrator to check this
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See also this post and answer from R&D.
It seems that 11.2.16158 still doesn't fix the missing Efficy Drive.

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This customer works with Efficy 11.0.
When I download and install the sidebar of this version locally, the Efficy Drive works like a charm, but on Citrix it is hidden (even when during the installation the option is activated)
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