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The Create database button is hidden in the Designer logon screen. How do I create a new blank database in Efficy 11.2?

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Edit the ServerSettings.json in your program files/Efficy... directory
In the efficy.customerSelection property, set a password (Ex : PLE)
In the URL of the designer, add a parameter ?customerSelection=PLE

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I think that an explanation of why ?  can be good.

After a brand new install, the creation database was present.
After a first DB creation who has failed for a bad password policy reason, the creation database was hidden
After doing what said in this post, he is present again
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If required, make first a Customer Profile in the Efficy Alias, Customer and Guest manager.

Secondly, navigate to this URL:

Replace in the URL the protocol (http/https) and the hostname so it reflects to your Efficy site in IIS.

enter image description here

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Kristof, I think it is also import to know how to display this button in standard.
If you look at the conficy/pages/logon.htm page you will see that the button is display only if the tag "<%OnSelectCustomer()%>" has a value ... What we don't don't is what is the setting that allow to select a custom (an alias) ?
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