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I have setup a Remote API Node call with JSON to the test cloud Efficy 11.2 to https://arthurenwillemijn.efficytest.com, but unfortunately i get: Unauthorized IP for the provided API key. In the customer conficy i have added two external IP's in the API key, IP whitelist; ::1;ip home;ip office.

The thing is for my localhost and with a user and password it works great. I use postman to test.

Do you have any idea why this fails?

Kr, Michael.

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Did you add the full host name, arthurenwillemijn.efficytest.com ?

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Hi Kristof, thanks for you quick reply. Where to add the full host name? I didn't find any field for this. Or do you mean in the whitelist? I have just added it, to be sure, but that needs an IIS recycle (i noticed this when Efficy cache is enabled).
I just tried this:
POST /crm/node/customers/AddCustomer?customer=arthurenwillemijn HTTP/1.1
Host: arthurenwillemijn.efficytest.com
X-Efficy-Logoff: True
Cache-control: no-cache
X-Efficy-Lang: EN
Content-Type: application/json
Host: arthurenwillemijn.efficytest.com
cache-control: no-cache
No, you need to add it into the Alias Manager, section Customer Profile.
If the error message comes from Efficy, adding it to IIS will not help ;-)
Thanks will try this out tomorrow :)
Unfortunately it doesn't work, any other ideas?
Support ticket CFT-2019-97196 is created for R&D. I also cannot make it work on this server, whatever IP address I add I always receive the "Unauthorized IP for the provided API key" warning.

Locally it always worked, but not when moved to DEV/PRD
The ticket is closed. The issue is fixed and will be available in the next 11.2 path build.
It's not the external IP you should add in the IP whitelist if the cutomer is in cloud but the IP of the server on which the customer is.
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