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I followed the documentation to create 2 associated fields (https://help.efficy.com/edn/admin/dsgn_createassociatedfields), but when I go to my form, the associated field doesn't change value automatically.

I did everything the doc said, the only thing missing is the definition of the fields we have to put in the designer, I tried LOOKUP and LOOKUPDROPDOWN, none of them work.

Any help ?

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In categories you can use the manual like you did, and it will work fine, but in forms you still need the lookupmaster definition to initiate the cebperform like so:

field.LOOKUPMASTER {[<%GetEdit("$FIELD$", type="LOOKUP", onchange="CebPerform('CEB_STATE');", data-placeholder="<%GetLabel('Select Value')%>...")%>]}

Place this code in FormFieldsEditCustom and in your field definition in conficy.

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Thanks for your answer Michael,

I did those changes, and now it refresh the pages when I choose a value from the first field.. and still no changes in the second one..

Is there a hidden section in the doc explaining this part ?
Sorry for my late reply, I'm afraid that there isn't a hidden section in the documentation, but i know that this works if you have the master detail configured in the field with: Master-Detail: [your field]. Rest should be explained well.
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