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Efficy 11.1 r16590 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

This build includes the following corrections or improvements compared to r15674:

  • Agenda: Fix XSS issue on meeting hint (encode title for text)
  • Documents: Fix pictures generated from PDFs with transparency or from multi-page PDFs (CFT-2019-95927).
  • Edit: Revert usage of CreateRelation to situation before Efficy 11 (CFT-2019-94969).
  • Excel Exports: cell texts are limited to 32767 characters; truncate field values to this limit (CFT-2019-95544).
  • Excel Export: make sure also Consult-only users can export to Excel (CFT-2019-96337).
  • Flexmail: Return flexmail account once for user with multiple groups (CFT-2019-96548).
  • Google Maps: Fix links in Google Earth export (CFT-2019-96306).
  • Sidebar: Use up to TLS v1.2 as HTTPS protocol for big files and certificate (CFT-2019-94936). (published previously as r15906).
  • Sidebar: Verify the downloaded certificate files to ensure they contain a valid certificate.

We recommend that you install this build on all Efficy 11.1 installations.


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