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Efficy 11.2 r16578 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.
This build improves or corrects a number of issues that were present in build r16235 including the following:

  • Dealerbase has been made compatible with Customer Profiles.
  • New ImportUserPasswords utility to import a list of user passwords during upgrade or migration.
  • Sidebar: Verify the downloaded certificate files to ensure they contain a valid certificate.
  • Admin Console: Correct update of admin password (CFT-2019-96280).
  • Agenda: Fix recurrent meeting glitch (CFT-2019-95207).
  • Documents: Fix pictures generated from PDFs with transparency or from multi-page PDFs (CFT-2019-95927).
  • Excel Export: Consult-only users can export to Excel (CFT-2019-96337).
  • Extranet: Better management of session time-out using new SessionTimeOut.htm page (CFT-2019-96275).
  • Flexmail: Return flexmail account once for user with multiple groups (CFT-2019-96548).
  • Google Maps: Fix links in Google Earth export (CFT-2019-96306).
  • Treeview: Correct randomly "locked" (confidential) root node of treeview (CFT-2019-96305).
  • Favorites: Cache extra field info in user session to reduce number of database queries.
  • ServerJS: New function CreateTokenURL() to regenerate the sharing URL for an existing token.
  • Settings: Regional settings per ApplicationPool are no longer overridden by global settings.

We strongly recommend that you install this build on all Efficy 11.2 installations.


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We've released Efficy Build 11.2.16718 which corrects an issue in the 11.2.16578 Setup that sometimes prevented the correct registration of the EfficyServer COM+ DLL during installation.

There are no other changes, if you've managed to install build 11.2.16578 there is no need to replace it with the corrected 16718.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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