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A client with efficy 11.0.15626 is having a problem with their queries.

When launching a query the user must define a date as parameter. The datepicker formats the date with "-" as seperator but if this is used efficy returns an error. This should be "/".

(Bad Date Format in Query Parameter: '02-01-2019' is not a valid floating point value)

The date seperator hasn't been overridden is custom.js

What can be done about this? Any other settings?

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This is a known problem in Efficy 11.0 and fixed in Efficy 11.1
https://submariners.efficy.com/crm/consult?entity=Case&page=desktop/Consult&detail=DEFAULT&key=85381 (internal link)

Solution from the R&D : Replace <%Macro('JsonDateTimeFormatsModel')%> by <%Macro('JsonConstantsModel')%> in QueryParam.htm



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Thanks, it worked.
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