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Hello Efficy Team,

A customer have a list of multivalue, pointing on ACC_ACCOUNT.
We want to show the result in FormFieldCustom.

Is there a better way than this ?

<%Delay(1)%>RunQuery(id=listOfUsers$FIELD$, sql=|
    select value from string_split(
    (select $FIELD$ from proj$cide where k_project = :param1
    ), ';') where value <> ''
|, param1='%%GetKey()')%>

    <%Delay(1)%>GetDataGrid(query='listOfUsers$FIELD$', templateText=|

(as you may have guessed, this is still Efficy 10sp2+. But any suggestion for Efficy 11> are welcome !)

Thanks in advance,


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Tried with this?

<%GetField("$FIELD$", type="multivalue", tableid="1000", separator=", ")%>
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