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The 2 token systems exist: Token User access and Login access.
Tokens are configured in the Qlik console (QMC).

Either the token is assigned to a named user, in this case there is no access limit,
1 Qlik token = 1 user access pass
The tokens remain anonymous (=login access): in this case there is a monthly access limit for each token. As soon as you exceed the limit, the token locks and you have to wait until the monthly deadline for it to be reactivated.
1 Qlik token = 10 login access passes for 1 month

The Qlik server can be connected to the client's active directory (in the case of a locally installed Qlik server, option not available from the Efficy Cloud).

It should also be noted that the same Qlik token can be assigned to several Efficy users who share it. In this case we only pay one token and users can access Qlik but not simultaneously.

More information here + Please check for updates :

NB : Thx to Eric for his help (ede)

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It's also possible to combine both modes for the same customer.
Ex : for 7 tokens
2 "user access" tokens allowed for regular use (sales director, marketing or admin for ex)
5 "login access" tokens allowed for temporary use (links shared by e-mails, sales rep, etc.)
Thomas, our experience in Holland is that the login access pass is useless for use on Efficy. We once installed the login access pass for a customer and after two days, his report was locked. After that we never used the login Access pass ever since.
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