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I configured the Chronos for a new entity into designer then into the InitSysChanged utility. It's seem working when I add links but not for the entity itself.
I have a problem for main table. Fields I choose to follow into the chronos are only referenced at the last value.

In the standard entities the the field found into history are followed into the chronos as into history.

In this screenshot you can see that the customer changed 3 time the field Phase. (show history) But only the last one appear into the chronos.

History vs Chonos

What I forgotten ? It's a bug ? Not available for custom ?

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Hi Laurent

The history dialog groups changes together if they occurred closely in time (within 5 min), typically correcting input mistakes. In your test case, these changes happened too close to each other.

I assume that when Efficy will make the previous view back available, you will still see all changes.

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Ok I just tested into a standard One and yes the previous value is not into the chronos but into the history. So what is the right timing ? 10 mn ? 1h, More ?
I have no idea, someone with access to the source code should answer that.
You are correct Kristof, we merge the commit if there are close to each other.
The delta used in the code is 300 seconds (5 minutes)
Thanks, I updated my answer
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