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What are the steps to do to move old Flexmail to new by a developer?

Settings in Designer:
steps / checks

Settings for Scheduled tasks:
steps / checks

Support could not answer incl my developers.

Thanks in Advance!

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As indicated in the PDF:

  • The Flexmail account has to be configured in Designer, in the separated section Flexmail Accounts
  • Then, follow topic 6.2: Configuring the Flexmail Synchro (for admins and developers) from the PDF.
    That is configuring the scheduled workflow
  • Optional configurations, e.g.

    1. Adding extra custom fields to the Flex synchro, mapped with Flex freefields
    2. Setting the synchro direction(s)

That's the technical work. Of course the functional changes for the customer are much bigger. Extra training is required

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