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Both solutions Efficy & E-Deal provides Google Maps features .
Here is a description of this features as well as the prices applied by Google for each feature.

E-Deal CRM

There are two main features in the standard E-Deal CRM :
The geolocation consists in computing and storing the lattitude and longitude.
The geolocation is performed using the "GEOCODING API" (provided by Google APIs).
A call to this service is made each time a new address is created or modified in the CRM (the call is transparent to the user and is only executed if the geolocation service is enabled).
In standard, geolocation is performed on 3 objects: person, company and location.
The use of the "GEOCODING API" is NOT free (see pricing).
Display of maps
The map display only works if the address has been "geolocated".
Display map uses "JavaScript Maps API" (provided by Google APIs).
A call to this service is used each time you show an E-Deal address in Google Map.
The use of the "JavaScript Maps API" is NOT free (see pricing).

Efficy CRM

Show map
This feature is available by clicking on an address, or via the "show map" button".
This is a url call with parameters : no key required for API, it's a FREE feature.
Locate on map (Viewing the position of one company or of a set of companies)
This feature uses several google API functions.
The "Query Autocomplete" is used when you search a place name, a request for each letter the user is entering.
The "get Places detail " is used when the user select a place
The "Maps JavaScript API " is used for displaying the map (on call by entity displayed).
The use of this API is NOT free (see pricing).
Export Google earth
This feature allows you to export a company list to Google Earth. Be careful only companies that have been geolocated are exportable.
Costs ?
Important : To use Google API (for MAP or for PLACE), you need a Google Key. To have a Google Key, you need a Google Cloud account (you need to link a payment card to your google Cloud account : it is mandatory).
The customer should be responsible for providing any Google API key not anyone from Efficy.
For E-Deal CRM, you need to active Maps API (see process here :https://submariners.efficy.com/crm/view/Docu/264161)
For Efficy CRM, you need to active Places API
Costs for each call :
 enter image description here
Important : Google 'offers' 200 $ by month.
Source here : https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/sheet/
You can estimate your costs using the Google pricing simulator
You can monitor and control your costs directly in Google Cloud here
You can also configure a restriction access to your key (recommended).

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Does Efficy consider upgrading to open source library like Leaftlet and data sources for maps like OpenStreetMap (free) or Mapbox ?

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Question is being considered but not decided yet
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