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I'm using the "MULTIVALUE" definition on a form on an extranet for the Edit Contact details, but the field doesn't work.

  • no errors in console
  • code with JSONLookup etc is correctly inserted in the HTML.

Is there something special to do to be able to use this kind of field in an extranet ?

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I spotted a difference between the field definition MULTIVALUE in FormFieldsEdit.txt between the Efficy and the extranet filebase. The one from Efficy has more arguments in the ajax-url defined.

I suggest to copy the definition from Efficy into the custom from the extranet and see if that works.

If that solves it, make a suggestion case to improve it in standard :-)

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tried and failed :(
I'm make a case for R&D
Compared to the normal edit window the select2-container div is absent from the code
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