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I'm working on a Rest API and run into a problem that my response from OpenUrlSecure isn't in UTF-8. So this means that accented letters aren't correctly displayed.
The request that I do is:

var wr = new WebRequest({
        url: this.options.datacollectiefUrl, 
        headers: "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8",
        complete: function(resp, req) {
            return resp;

    var send = function(method, path, data) {           
        return wr.send(data, path, method);

    return send("GET", this.options.apiCommandsUrl.contSearch, format("?user=$0&password=$1&applicationName=$2&id=$3", this.options.licensename, this.options.licensepassword, this.options.appName, companyId));

Is there something that I can change on this request to make it return the response in UTF-8?

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Are you sure it's not the log console that displays it badly? Did you try saving the response in for instance an action memo and viewing it in Efficy?

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Jeroen, I made an internal case CFT-2019-95734 about issues related to UTF-8 with Efficy.log and Efficy.openUrlSecure.

I will link you to the incident, so you can follow the replies

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Hello Jeroen, this issue has been fixed for the next setup. There was indeed an issue.

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