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Hi all,

For a customer we have made a connection between Efficy and their portal, using a webservice. We want to be able to show all shared documents (public links), linked to this contact.

My question: Can we collect the URL's of all shared documents linked to a contact ?
And all URL's of all shared single files within documents linked to the contact ?

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No you cannot.

As you can see, on the table "sys_token" the link is not stored.

But you can always generate a new URL with : Efficy.createSharingToken(entity, key, version, daysValid)

And the information about the sharing is stored in the table "systockens" (K2) : so you could make a query to retrieve the shared documents. And also create a new url.

What we did for another customer : we created an hidden field where we store the url of the public link.

Maybe that is a good suggestion for the R&D ?


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Loïc, Thanks for your reply.
Maybe I will use the idea for the hidden link.
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