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Hello Team,

I would like to extend a functionality of the file sharing.

In the extranet of a customer, we have 4 images. In the CRM, those 4 images are a files (attachement of a document).

Previously, when this files were committed, it created a new file on the server, as real image. This solution is not longer possible due to the new policies of the Cloud Team (it is not allowed anymore of write something in the server). Wich I can totally understand.

After discussion with the cloud team, they advice me to create a public sharing link of the file. We store the link in the sys_storages.

This part work greate. We can update the image, then a new public link is generated.

But as result, the image is not showed.

We can see in the HTML :

<img scr="https://files.efficy.com/file/download?p=6S4WVsBrGRC1NcW3D8acrlt%2FIxTP8ngRojoViM6nVkoJRyCRHRokoAgpzdJ9kJqGlmiKOYu9a1UJ3LkMi6NtliTwYxkoloPyoluUHT%2BxAFcOo%2FuIoqfPNpeK4wRLyWvoYIU%2FJ6put98H5kzKCkITkg%3D%3D">

This is the correct link. But the browser don't try to show the image. If you click on the link, it download the image.

What is strange : I used the same "hack" to send an email with an image. This work perfectly.

Can't we make the image showed ? If this work, the possibilities of customisation would be really amazing :)

Thanks in advance for your help,


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This is working !

You can use this functionality, EXACTLY as I explain.

You just need to write "src" instead of "scr" :) So basic typo error that took us a loooong time to find.

So, good news :)


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You are talking about extranet, not a guest page. So you have a session.
Why not using the /img request?

e.g., what Efficy uses to display a picture stored in a file.


I really don't like the sharing link idea proposed by cloud :-(

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Hello Kristof,

tell me if i'm wrong, but using the "/img request " request that the "Contact user" is link to the document  no ?

Yes, thats not the case?
nop. the 'contact user' is not link to this document.

that's why I suggest to use the filesharing.
But what kind of pictures do we show if they are not personalized? Why aren't this pictures just static assets? Why do they have to be stored in the database, maybe it can be managed in something like imgur.com?

The token is not designed for exposing pictures.
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