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It seems that on step 1 of Generate Documents from a campaign the use existing entity is not working. It is impossible to select a document already existing, even without custom.

I find out that in the ScriptProcessRecordCreation.htm page the function

function SelectExistingEntity() {
  Search(TargetEntity, 'setOpenerKey;SelectedEntityKeytedTemplate;$K', '') ;

To make it work, you have to change SelectedEntityKeytedTemplate by SelectedEntityKey

function SelectExistingEntity() {
  Search(TargetEntity, 'setOpenerKey;SelectedEntityKey;$K', '') ;

Is that a bug or I miss something?
best regards

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Yes this is a bug.
Well spotted !
It's fixed in the future version ;)

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Maybe you can share the fix on overflow? Just in case someone wants to fix it in an earlier version
The fix is precisely what Sben put in his question. Meaning replacing SelectedEntityKeytedTemplate  by SelectedEntityKey.
Do you mean as another question ?
Oops, didn't notice it. I just formatted the original post so that the code is better highlighted
No problem, this is clearer now indeed ;)
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