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A customer had previously a custom view on the company level to show contact with excode <> null.

Since the migration to Efficy 11.1, the field Excode does not longer exist. This custom view is really important to him and I am looking for a solution to create this kind of view (show contact and their username).

We cannot join the table "acc_account". What do you recommend ?



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If people are interested by the details, you can find a summary of the implementation here (internal link only) :


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Hi Loic

In the Submariners Efficy, I already created a virtual field for that with name CONTACTS.V_EXTUSERNAME

The expression used is:

=select USERNAME from ACC_AUTH where ISACTIVE='1' and K_TABLE=11000 and K_1=CONTACTS.K_CONTACT

Could that be an alternative?

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