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When a customer takes the "Geolocation of companies" option : does the customer need to subscribe to the Google Maps service himself ? Or is this done by Efficy ?

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There are two diffrent things: the Efficy application, and the Google Maps service.
In the Efficy application, there is a module (developed by Efficy) that provides functions using geolocation, based on the Google Maps service (developed by Google). This module of the Efficy application, called "Geolocation of companies", is what the customer buys. The use of the Google Maps service is something else, and it is at his expense.

So the customer has to subscribe himself to the Google Maps service.

This does not mean that the Efficy project team can not do the actual technical manipulation for him ; but the Google account (and credit card associated to it) must be owned by the customer. He must be the actual subscriber to the Google Maps service.

Please note that Google may change the terms of service for Google Maps, like the pricing or the number of "free calls" to the service. It's up to the customer to deal with that. While this is being written, Google "offers" (doesn't charge for) the first N calls per month, but a suscription is still necessary no matter how many calls you plan to make.

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Thank you for this clarification!
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