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Hello Efficy Team,

I would like to know the difference between "setUserSecurity" and "setSecurityUsers" + "postSecurity " (with securitylist).

As I understand from from the documentation, "SetSecurityUsers" add user with their default securities (defined in conficy) and "postSecurity" is the function to apply those security to the record (but what if we don't call postSecurity ? What append ?). I never used it, I am not even sure I understand it correctly.

I saw the new "securitylist" provided in Efficy 11.2. Could the R&D provide an exemple ?

Thanks a lot,


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Hello Loïc,

The security is handled internally into an intermediate object, not directly into the dataset.
postSecurity applies the security of this object into the dataset. If you don't call it then the changes made are lost when closing the context.

The securitylist parameter is a dot-coma separated list on the format K_USER=SECURITY, ex: 2=270;4=270;5=270



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