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Efficy 11.1 r15674 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

This build includes the following corrections or improvements compared to r14832:

  • Servicy: Improve multi-threaded behavior.
  • Documents + Sidebar: Make sure local files cannot be lost by moving outdated versions to the Recycle Bin instead of deleting.
  • Documents + Sidebar: Improve detection of conflicts by always setting the CRC value and transfer date of the files.
  • Flexmail: Fix for empty FormResults items if the form does not ask any data.
  • COM+ Server: New setting "ExitWhenStalled" to control the recycling of the COM+ when database connections are stalled.
  • Convert to mail: Additional argument to control attaching the files from the linked Documents to the email (CFT-2018-93886).
  • Efficy: Protect against code injection using CATEGORY in Search requests.
  • ServerJS: Restore previously available methods extractHtmlText and extractHtmlBody.
  • ServerJS: New GetFileStream, LineDiff and extra file management functions. (published previously as r15296).
  • Queries: Fix multivalue control in "Change Parameter" dialog for queries (CFT-2018-93929). (published previously as r15443).
  • DataSynchro: No default EfficyStartJob and EfficyEndJob scripts are added to the ODBC-side. (published previously as r15296).
  • PdfOfficeConverter: Handle read-only or locked files in the PDF folder. (published previously as r15189).
  • All .NET libraries are compiled for "Any CPU" so that 32-bit and 64-bit applications can be mixed on server.

We strongly recommend that you install this build on all Efficy 11.1 installations.


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I can't find the GetFileStream method in serverjs.
What does it do?

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It will appear in the next update of the documentation.

Efficy.getFileStream(contextHandle, fileDs)
Introduced in Efficy 11.2
Retrieve the binary stream of a file. Depending on the file kind (FILES.KIND field), the function will return the stream stored in FILES.STREAM, load a remote file or download a large file from the Servicy file server.

Parameter    Type    Default value    Description
contextHandle    TContextHandle        The handle of the context.
fileDs    TDataset        The dataset on the FILES table positioned on the record; GetFileStream can use fields KIND, K_FILE, VERSION, PATH and STREAM.
Oh yes, it's the solution for this earlier Overflow request

Correct, I've now also added the information to that topic.
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