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We recently had an upgrade to efficy 11.1.

When uploading attachments to a document, everything goes fine.

However, the gallery thumbnails don't work for images added after the upgrade to efficy. When i look into the FILES table, i see that the dimensions are wrong ( always pxwidth = 9519688, pxheight = 0 )
I presume that the thumbnail dimensions are then badly calculated.

Is this a known issue? Where should i look to fix this?

Efficy version : Efficy (Build 11.1.14457.0 2018-09-11 11:01)

Thank you!

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Did you upgrade ImageMagic and Ghostscript? What version do you have installed?
Thanks. These dependencies weren't installed. How do i make efficy take this installation into account? ( efficy is running in production, so i prefer not to reboot the system )
You can gradually check if it becomes available in the About dialog of Efficy. If it's no displayed like this "licenseImageMagick Version6.9.9-34 with GhostScript", it's not availble. Try application pool recycle, then iis reset, then eventually reboot if it's not availbable

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