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Is it possible to make sorting possible in a dashboard widget ?
(when we set noheader=false)

because now this gives an error message :

Incorrect parameter in URL
ID: PRTL-1951
Message: TDialogRequestHandler - Required Argument not found: "PAGE"

Verify Arguments
Initialise Request Handling /dialog

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Dynamic sorting, filtering, grouping etc are features that are not foreseen in widgets, because they don't work out of the box. I'm afraid you are trying to design something that is outside the original idea of a widget: "showing important information that catches the eye!". When sorting is required, the amount of displayed records is likely too high.

You could for instance change the anchor in the title to redirect to another page (entitylist or query) where these grid features can be provided because there is only one main datagrid in the page.

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that's what I thought :-), thanks for the info.

Thank you to remind us the meaning of a widget but if we want to show header ("noheader=false"). Is there a way to not allow "sort" functionality and not display error message then ?


you can use a header ( <#H> tag with sort=false ) to disable the sort on the headers.
Hello Stijn,

Thank for you reply.
I tried to override GridColumns.txt (GridColumnsCustom.txt) with a new field header definition like this :
th.DESCRIPTION {[<th class="text-start nowrap"><#H=$FIELD$;sort=false></th>]}
but nothing happens when widget is refreshed... ("Description" field is always clickable to sort)
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