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We recently upgraded an on premise customer to Efficy 11.1
After the upgrade the customer has a problem with opening DOCX files from Efficy documents.
Directly after opening the "connection" between the Efficy-document and the file is lost: When the user saves the file, an error pops up: "There was an error uploading the file, do you want to try again ?"

What is special:
This problem only occurs on DOCX and XLSX files. DOC files and XLS files and any other types of files (rtf, txt) works fine.
The problem only occurs on devices of the customer. I cannot reproduce the problem on my own machine.

Customer Environment
Efficy v11.1.13
The customer works on Office 365 ProPlus

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This case has been resolved by direct mail.

This issue has already been corrected.
The customer needs to install Efficy 11.1.14823 instead of their current 11.1.14457.

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The issue was fixed indeed with an upgrade to this new version (and the installation of the new sidebar with it). Thanks for the help.
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Hi Jan.

Check if the installed Sidebar version matches the server.

I almost cannot believe that there is a difference in behavior between DOCX and DOC. Did you really test this yourself?

I would also recommend to check the console in the browser and the network request. I assume the communication between Efficy and Sidebar fails for some reason, likely caused by an incorrect installation.

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