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I have a trouble with the openUrlSecure POST request.

I check with postman and i got a 200 ok response but with openUrlSecure I got: Unauthorized : CSRF validation failed from the server. statuscode 401.

my code:

function test1() {
    var headers = TStringList.Create;
    try {
        headers.Add('Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8');
        headers.Add('X-CSRF-Token: XXX');

        var data = JSON.stringify({ "username": "XX", "password": "XXX"});
        var openURLResult  = Efficy.openUrlSecure("https://myPath/login.json", data, headers.Text, "POST");

    } catch(e){
    finally {
    return openURLResult.statusCode;

To get the token run a similar function with no data and no token header and it work fine.

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Be sure the header from the token is correct:

  1. Double check the casing
  2. Maybe the token itself should be passed as a string between double quotes, e.g. "XXX"

Like this:

headers.Add('X-CSRF-Token: "XXX"');

Instead of using the TStringList, you could also stay native JS and work with an array:

headers = ['Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8', 'X-CSRF-Token: "XXX"'].join("\n");

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I advise you to run these 2 requests (1 with postman, 1 with your script) on your local server (in http) and see with Wireshark what are the differences between them.

Alternatively, you can run these 2 requests on a "request bin" (ex : http://requestbin.fullcontact.com) and compare the results.



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