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Is it possible to (in custom) do mailings through Flexmail while not only using EMAIL1, but also another field (FEMAILCC) to send the mailing to ???

If So how can we do this the best possible way ?

(Efficy 11.0 - 12921)

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Hi Stijn,

We added the possibility to choose between EMAIL1, EMAIL2, EMAIL3 in Efficy 11.0 r14853.

For other fields of the contacts table, it can be done in custom like this in Efficy 11.0 r14853:

  1. Add the lookup value F_EMAILCC in lk_prof_cont_email.
  2. Change the constant PROF_CONT_EMAIL in serverjs/flexmail/constants.js with the key of this new value.
  3. Adapt the switch of the function AddDatasetToContacts and ModifyContact in serverjs/flexmail/efficyImplementation.js.
  4. Adapt the queries of the function RetrieveModifiedContacts, RetrieveModifiedProfCont, RetrieveContactsModifiedPreference so that we also check if this F_EMAILCC has a value in it. (to make sure that contact with empty email1, email2, email3 will not be ignored)

Once done, the email to be used will be determined in the prof_cont relation. You can find more information in the "Flexmail GDPR Integration Manual.pdf" (available in the Ftp partner next to the r14853 setup).

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