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i'm making a list of exchange error in log of a customer, and need to get the exact reason of the error.

Error while updating the Appointment in Outlook
CreateAppo - Error Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  • i have no idea, ... something deleted in outlook ?

Error while updating the Appointment in Outlook
Error trying to update item: ResponseCode: ErrorCalendarDurationIsTooLong

  • Duration too long, ok, but how is it possible ? what must we do to fix that ?

Error while updating the Task in Efficy
You don't have the authority to modify this item

  • i suppose the efficy user who make the synchro have incorrect right (i have no access to conficy to check that for the moment)


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Hi Vincent,

If you want the exact reason, it's best to create a case so that the L2 can analyse it. I suppose there is an issue in the Efficy appointment fields that the synchro tries to transfer from Efficy to Exchange (a field not initialised as it should, a wrong dbegin/dend,...)

For the last error, it seems to be an Efficy right issue yes. You should check what's in conficy (or the security of the task itself if it's an update of an existing one)



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Hello Alain,

The problem is that the customer (Forem) is on premise and support L2 haven't access to the DB, it's why i ask the question on overflow, to find some tracks to explore and search.
Hello Vincent,

To tracks this, you will have to search for each type of error which appointment does this concern in Efficy.

For example, for the error "Error trying to update item: ResponseCode: ErrorCalendarDurationIsTooLong" or "Object reference not set to an instance of an object", it could both be related to an issue with the d_begin and d_end of the appo, check the name of the appointment visible in the previous line of the log, search this appointment in Efficy for the currently synchronized user and look if anything is weird is in the d_begin, d_end, duration, travelbefore, travelafter fields (and check that the d_begin is not bigger that the d_end).

For the right issue, also search this task in the actions table and make sure that the user has the right in the security dialog.
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