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Efficy 11.1 r14832 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

The main feature of this release is the new Flexmail integration v2. You'll find detailed information in the document "Flexmail GDPR Integration Manual.pdf".

Other changes compared to build r14457 are as follows:

  • Quotation Builder: Various improvements, correct behavior when multi-currency mode is active.
  • Chronos: Respect security on Categories (CFT-2018-91964).
  • macOS Sidebar: Support macOS 10.14, fix applescript calls with Mail application for macOS 10.14.
  • Password management: Unlock user account after password reset.
  • Password management: Allow migration from old databases (<= 2012) without requiring password reset.
  • Notification feed: Remove memo info with link to consult from notifications for deleted entities (CFT-2018-91759).
  • Excel files: Replace square brackets with parentheses for Excel formats in file download (CFT-2018-91750).
  • Queries: Correct improper removal of query conditions when editing query view (CFT-2018-91583).
  • Sidebar: Fix error when uploading Office document with document opened (CFT-2018-91765).
  • Tasks: Don't display "Make Private" menu item for tasks, only for appointments (CFT-2018-91879).
  • Designer: Don't clean arguments as the Designer interface uses the old action system in arguments (CFT-2018-91797).
  • Appointments: Remove old image in meeting confirmation template (CFT-2018-90819).
  • Designer: Correct database creation to write uppercase admin name in Alias.ini (CFT-2018-90825).
  • Templates: Avoid losing unsaved changes when performing template merge, instant mail or instant memo (CFT-2018-91489).
  • Cache SysStorage values in CoreSession to optimize the large number of calls to <%GetStorage("DisableQuickAddLink")%>.
  • Google Sync: Ignore Google event that could not be converted to GoogleAppointmentStub (CFT-2018-91946).
  • Options: Download sideBar with "window.location" to avoid "permission denied" error from a popup window (CFT-2018-92234).
  • HighCharts: Verify that the page hasn't changed or been refreshed before rendering charts (CFT-2018-92400).

Other than the changes in the Flexmail integration, upgrading from Efficy 11.0 or previous Efficy 11.1 builds should be a painless procedure requiring little to no work.

Best regards,

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Hey Robert.

Is every SysStorage item now cached on only the DisableQuickAddLink?

What is TTL? Or is the cached refreshed with the renewal of the DB connections?

Could you give a bit more detail please.


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Hello Kristof,

The SYS_STORAGE settings are cached at the user session level. The first time you use a <%GetStorage('XXX')%> tag the value for XXX will be saved.

If you consequently change the value in SYS_STORAGE, the user will have to logout/login to see the change.

You can also disable the cache for a value with a new parameter in the tag:
 <%GetStorage('XXX', nocache='T')%>
This will restore the old, non-cached behavior for this value.

P.S. For your info, the <%GetSysStorage('DisableQuickAddLink')%> tag was generating about 4% of all the COM+ calls on Submariners, so the caching is quite useful :).
Of course it is useful. I never understood why it was not cached before. Anyway, the usage of SysStorage was exploited too much imo.
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Where can I find this "Flexmail GDPR Integration Manual.pdf" document?

  1. I don't find it on ftp://doc.efficy.com
  2. Don't find it by this name in submariners Efficy
  3. This one from the build notes doesn't seem complete bdnt11gdprflexmail

It's likely not this Efficy Integrations > Flexmail integration or Introducing Flexmail

So, I'm lost...

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The document is available in the same folder as the Setup, on the Partner FTP.
Haha, didn't check it there :-)
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Dear Robert,

For a customer, I am using the Efficy 11.1 R14832 and I encountered the issue that the serverside function "EscapeHtml" doesn't exist anymore.

So I tried the new function : extractHtmlText(html, maxLength) ... but without success.

Is there something I am missing ?

PS: the efficy.dll version is 11.1.15443.0


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Hello Stéphane,

My previous comment was inaccurate, I've removed it.
Instead of EscapeHtml you should use one of the contextEncode functions (in your case probably contextEncodeText). See the edn manual for the differences between the contextEncode functions: https://help.efficy.com/edn/serverjs#Library-contextEncodeHtml etc

Note that extractHtmlText does something very different, see https://help.efficy.com/edn/serverjs#Library-extractHtmlText
Hi Robert,

There is still something I don't understand, before applying the patch, the standard MapGrid.htm was working, but after it wasn't working. I looked in the code, and I found that in the standard serverscripts/Places_server.js there was a standard function call at line 275 (cf code line below) that was calling the function ExtractHtmlText ... but when placing companies on map from a company grid (like in opportunities tab companies for instance), we get the following error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier" due to this "ExtractHtmlText" that is missing.

Description = ExtractHtmlText(Description, SETTINGS.DescriptionMaxLength) + '&hellip;';
You're right! Apparently extractHtmlText and extractHtmlBody are not available in the current Efficy 11.1 builds.
We'll correct this ASAP in a patch for Efficy.dll, the Scheduler and the DataSynchro.
Thank you for reporting this!
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