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On the Opportunity, in the grid of the companies I want to add the CmdCreateProposal in the grid menu to create launch a template for a specific company.

In my template I call a custom function to generate table (stored in the db conf)
[$RunScript(name="GetCustomWordTable", file="CustomTemplate")]

The function GetCustomWordTable use Variables.Values('Comp'); but I'm not able to get the key.

How can I pass the key of the company ? I tried with this :

Below Comp = literally 'Arguments.Values("Comp")'

[$RunScript(name="GetCustomWordTable", file="CustomTemplate", Comp=Arguments.Values("Comp"))]

Below, In my script Comp = ''

[$RunScript(name="GetCustomWordTable", file="CustomTemplate", Arguments.Values("Comp"))]

To try I customized the consultToolsCmd.js/proposal() function and use this macro in the word template :

function proposal() {
    InstantDocument(Element, Model('bookmark'), format("Oppo={key}"+'&Comp=18'));
    if (Model('detail') != 'Docu') {
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You don't have to pass it as an argument to the [$RunScript()] tag.
Instead, take the comp argument direclty from the request URL.

var k_Company = StrToFloatDef(Request.argument("comp"), 0);
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Thanks for your answer but I already tried it (err 'Request' est indéfini" (word\document.xml)"

Below you can see the "how to do" that I want :
Trace :
1) Click on the bouton
2) Open window "https://demo.actilan.fr/efficy.dll/dialog?page=dialog/InstantDoc.htm&count=-1&bookmark=1031&Oppo=176&Comp=14"
3) Choose the template which contains "[$RunScript(name="GetCustomWordTable", file="CustomTemplate", Comp=Arguments.Values("Comp"))]"
4) the script get the key with "var k_company = Variables.Values('Comp');"
5) problem : the value is literally  "Variables.Values('Comp')"
or "'Request' est indéfini" (word\document.xml)"
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