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Efficy 11.1 is now available from the Efficy Partner FTP.

Major new features
- Mobile App 11.1 with Agenda and numerous fixes and improvements.
- New Quotation Builder for efficiently constructing quotations in Sales Opportunities.
- Send a notification when a shared Document is opened or downloaded by a customer.
- Configure automatic mail upload via the Efficy options page instead of using the Sidebar (for Mac users).

The build notes have now been moved online. For example, for the Quotation Builder you'll find useful information here: https://help.efficy.com/edn/dev/bdnt_11_quotationbuilder .

The reference manuals for ServerJS functions, function tags, requests, grid tags and template tags have been augmented and improved. See https://help.efficy.com/edn/api .

Improvements and corrections
- Avoid infinite loop when browser window is referencing itself as its opener (CFT-2018-88293).
- Large files: update local file name when renamed on the server (CFT-2018-88151).
- Fix Outlook synchro when current Windows language is different from Windows installation language (CFT-2018-86706).
- Efficy Designer: fix CSS path for images (CFT-2018-88100).
- SidebarShell also accepts generic "efficy:" calls as required by current GMail add-in (CFT-2018-87019) (published previously as r12985).
- ServerJS: New parameter in GetExtranetUserName API function to create the extranet user code when it's currently empty (CFT-2018-88092).
- Sidebar: Correctly download remote pages when domain starts with "crm" (CFT-2018-87335).
- ServerJS: sendExternalMail will return the key of the generated mail + allow for HTML body in the generated mail (CFT-2018-88680).
- Documents: Fix missing menu item "Generate Pdf" when extension is uppercase (CFT-2018-89284).
- DataSyncRemote: send custombase along when creating session remotely so that remote and server custombase values are identical (CFT-2018-88952).
- Flexmail: Correct FLEXMAIL.DLASTSYNC definition: remove wrong label, force ALLOWNULL to value 1 (CFT-2018-88663).
- Correct error on multivalue field on a relation table when the relation is edited from within the main entity edit window (CFT-2018-89986).
- Show line breaks in unformatted memo texts in grids (CFT-2018-89877).
- Entity Agenda: Correct for non-existing time zones (generated Access Violation) (CFT-2018-89135).
- Designer: Fix Safari crash caused by top.close right after form submit (CFT-2018-89052).
- External document sharing: fix wrong document name when renamed (CFT-2018-88665).
- Search from Edit: Perform "linked entities search" also when entity picker is disabled incl. fallback to recents (CFT-2018-90696).
- Documents with linked Tasks: Include inactive linked users in user list (CFT-2016-64367).
- Scheduler: Fix access violation when trying to log to a distant database without VPN (CFT-2018-90842).
- Google Sync: Add StartDate and EndDate to the temporary appo created to retrieve the server time (if the ntp request failed) (CFT-2018-89696).
- Excel Export: Fix URL after host navigation (CFT-2018-90679).
- Sidebar: Fix access violation when importing files into a project (CFT-2018-89904).
- Sidebar: Fix certificate issues for Firefox (Windows and Mac) (CFT-2018-89951).
- Sidebar: Handle failure of ajax request of http config; re-init communication after confirmation.
- ServerJS: Add a large number of Date and Time utility functions (see the Documentation for a full list).
- ServerJS: Add Entity and Key parameters in SendNotification API function.
- ServerJS: Publish "ComputeSoundex" function to scripting interface.
- Shortcut for argument=%%Evaluate("X") by using argument%="X" instead.
- Shortcut for argument=%%GetArgument("X") by using argument@="X".
- New function tags <%If()%> and <%Switch()%>.
- Various Flexmail improvements.
- Remove reported XSS vulnerabilities related to some URL arguments.
- History window: Show history of relations (add and delete only, no fields).
- Deleting a Contact will remove her authentication records in ACC
AUTH; merging two Contacts will transfer the ACCAUTH records to the merged record.
- Correct Document Template merge with Large File result.
- Avoid evaluating Ajax macro requests when in session time-out.
- COM+ Server: detect stalled database connections and terminate itself if needed.
- COM+ Server: if unable to retrieve a valid database connection in the past 60 seconds, terminate itself
- Add index on SYS
CHANGED (DCHANGE, KTABLE, K1, K2, USERNAME) based on feedback by Cloud Team.
- DataSynchro: Call EfficyStartJob and EfficyEndJob for both sides of the data transfer.
- Extranet: Remove duplicate definition of macro ConsultContentHtml.
- Designer: Avoid broadcasting status when database is not connected ($DESIGNER$ alias at database creation); reduce default AdminCheckInterval to 15 seconds.
- Secure notifications: Hide memo and field values if user doesn't have read access to element.
- Tag function parser will automatic delay query-dependent tag function evaluation when Query isn't yet available.
- Activate possible use of AccentInsensitiveSearch for document search (FILES.PATH and FILES.COMMENT).
- Convert Document To Opportunity copies products to Opportunity.
- Avoid raising error on parameters of a native SQL query containing "now" or "today".
- Automatically remove the security clause if the query contains a <#userlink> clause and the list of users contains only the current user.
- DBStaging tool: fix issue of 'Database engine is not defined'.
- Correct database upgrade error when the FLEXMAIL table did not exist in the original structure
- All ActiveX and Java applets have been removed from the build.

Upgrading from 11.0 should be a painless procedure requiring little to no work.
We hope you'll enjoy this release.

Best regards,

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We've published a corrective build r14372 tonight which rectifies a silly bug that prevented relations to be edited.
This build replaces the previous r14250.
The only change is for the efficy.dll application.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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We've released a further build r14385 in order to publish correctly the function tags <%If()%> and <%Switch()%>, and to extend the time-out for database connection initialization with 100 seconds (useful for slow VPN connections used by developers).


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Two improvements for administrators have been introduced in the COM+ EfficyServer of the latest Efficy 11.1 build r14457:
- Increased time-out for Chronos requests from 20 sec to 600 sec.
- Allow connection to 11.0 databases by ignoring the exception for a missing TMailThreadTableView object.

As always, this new Efficy 11.1 build r14457 is available on the Partner FTP site.

All the best,

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