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I would like to automatically redirect users from our base weburl efficy.example.nl to the right custom code.

So normally it already redirects to efficy.example.nl/crm/home?PAGE=pages/logon.htm&custombase=default&filebase=efficy&database=Efficy, but now I want to change this to


Since Efficy11 I'm not sure how to set these redirect settings. I tried a lot, but until now without result.

Thanks for your help!

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Maybe I should ask the question in another way: how can I set the the custombase default to our custom code?

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It took a while, but I just fixed it. The biggest problem was caching. The URL rewrite did work, but because of caching it did not go to the right page.
The only thing I had to to was change the existing rule "Crm logon redirect" to the right custombase settings.

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