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I try to avoid the modification of a main relation using workflow and I get troubles:
With the code below when I try to modify or delete relation by edit relation on contact THIS WORK
but when I edit contact and change/delete on the right side the company link nothing is trigger and the link is change ???

How can I avoid the fact that the relation can be change on edit contact ?

Best regards.

here is my code:

function BeforeCommitContComp(EditHandle, Inserted) {
        ContCompDataSet = EfficyAPI.GetMasterDataSet(EditHandle, 0),
        ContKey = ContCompDataSet.FieldByName('K_CONTACT').AsFloat,
        ContMain = ContCompDataSet.FieldByName('MAIN').AsString;
    if(IsMainComp(ContKey) && ContMain == '0') {
        log("Vous ne pouvez pas changer la relation entre ce contact et une société mère ! k-contact=" + ContKey);
        throw new Error("You can't change relation between this contact and main company!");

function OnBeforeDeleteContComp(Key, DetailKey) {
    if(IsMainComp(Key)) {
        log("Vous ne pouvez pas effacer le lien avec une société mère ! k_contact=" + Key);
        throw new Error("You can't delete relation with a main company!");
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In the commit of the contact, you can check if the detail Comp has changed and if the user does not has permissions. If not, throw an exception.

function BeforeCommitCont(editCont, inserted) {
    if (Efficy.detailModified(editCont, ntComp) && !Efficy.isCurrentUserInGroup(Efficy.getUserId("EFF_ADMINS")) {
        throw Error("You are not allowed to modify the company relation!");
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