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I have a question about the meaning of Badge for document and email, as far as i found in build notes it means there's document(s) or mail(s) to be handled by user, the query behind is checking UPLOADSTATE = 1, so what does this mean? when we get this field (UPLOADSTATE) set to 1? is it something related to "AutoMailUploader" service? or scanned document?

Thank you in advance for the help and clarification.

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Good question Ammar, I also don't understand the purpose of the field. A search through all standard files only shows UPLOADSTATE in combination with e-mail templates and the value='T', not a 1 or 0. That makes me think this is even another usage of UPLOADSTATE.

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It is indeed the AutoMailUpload that sets the UPLOADSTATE.
The value of the field can be "normal" (0) or "no_link" (1).

The value is set to "no_link" (1) by AutoMailUpload when it isn't able to link a Project or Opportunity to the element. In other words, the badge shows the number of uploaded Mail/Docu/Acti that are not linked to a Proj or Oppo and require addional processing by the user.

Whenever you modify a Document, Mail or Action in Efficy the field is reset to "normal" (0).

There is a second usage of the UPLOADSTATE field, with value "T", when editing an e-mail template, but I don't think that's related to the badges.


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Thank you Robert for the clarification, it's clear now.
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